South Florida's Prog Rock Supergroup


The year is 1998, it’s Saturday morning. You’ve got your jammies on, bowl of sugary cereal, F-Zero X queued up on your N64, and nothing but time. This is the headspace I was brought to after listening to State of Flux’s first self titled album.

Rooted in the sunny state of South Florida, State of Flux is a supergroup of local talent. Lead guitarist Kevin “Qatar” Stewart takes listeners on a journey with his mystifying, sweeping arpeggios backed by a stage presence that makes his talents seem effortless. Eric “Amp” Ocasio is the horseman with the headless bass, riding the strings of his Steinberger through the landscape that is Prog Rock. Cory “Forty” Bickford sets the mood of the band with his arsenal of sounds. He rips the keys on his synths and windmills his long mane that would make a horse envious. Then there is the heartbeat and anchor of Flux, Andres “Wilson” Beuses, slapping skins with such technique that it would leave Mike Portnoy’s jaw hanging.

Progressive music as a whole is what most would call musicians’ music. However, it doesn’t take a musician to appreciate talent, showmanship, and just overall nice people. If you’re in the South Florida area you are robbing yourself if you don’t take the chance to see State of Flux in their element. Fair disclaimer, listening to State of Flux may cause face melting, powersliding, and headbanging. Be sure to consult with your local record store and demand their new album be stocked immediately if side effects continue.

Their debut record will be available November 15th so mark your calendars. To learn more about the band follow them on Facebook and check out their music on bandcamp.

Nick Longo

Nick Longo is a musician, luthier, and multimedia handyman.

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