The Similar Speak Out


It was only a matter of time before musicians and lifelong friends, Mark Grimmie, Jonathan LaMarche, and Bobby Plizak formed something similar to a supergroup. If you were to combine King’s of Leon with the ambience of Billie Eilish, the pop factor of Maroon 5, the production value of Kygo, the fun riffs of Paramore and the guitar effects of U2, it would not come close to the blend of sounds and song structure that The Similar produces.

United in Los Angeles California, the band members each bring a unique necessity to the table for this project. Grimmie, being a metalhead at heart, translates his tone by taming the guitar tapping in exchange for a wide range of sonic sensations. LaMarsh’s vocals simultaneously show power and vulnerability with lyrics about life and growth. Then there’s the anchor of the band and king of the kit, Bobby Plizak. With machine like precision, Plizak drums with earth rumbling 808s and immaculate timing. With years of experience touring the world and a genuine passion for what they do, the band of best friends are eager to showcase their talents in a genre they all can agree on - Alternative Rock. Bringing introspection and relatability into their music, The Similar is a breath of fresh air to the genre.

Keep up with the band on Instagram and listen to their self-titled EP here.

Nick Longo

Nick Longo is a musician, luthier, and multimedia handyman.

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