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The genre of math rock is defined by assassin-like precision, technicality, and layers of hypnotic composition. The Philly based math rock band, Call Me Clever, takes these elements to new levels as they invite the listener into what can only be described as a blooming garden labyrinth.

Mike Tecce and Brian Halton, childhood friends and guitarists of CMC, paint dazzling melodies rich with color and depth. Bassist Matt Corrigan directs the listener around bends and down corridors with his funk-influenced fills and riffs, and drummer Jason Richardson creates a foundation of urgency with striking and exhilarating accuracy.

Narrative is important to the instrumentalists. Having no vocalist, the band aims to tell stories through their compositions. “The way we write things and the way we put things together, is more so like telling a story. Not just a technicality, but also progression,” says Corrigan.

The group works in seamless harmony to send their audience on a journey with their eclectic ensemble of influences. The inspiration ranges from classics like the Grateful Dead to modern math rock bands such as Polyphia and Black Midi. The group prides themselves in their unique medley of their own personal interests and talents that give Call Me Clever it’s own refined voice.

The group is starting off 2020 strong with their first East Coast tour starting on January 10th. Catch them in Nashville, Birmingham, Greensboro, Richmond, Baltimore or Philadelphia from January 10th to the 18th. See dates below.

Be sure to check out their self-titled EP on all major streaming platforms and keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Tour dates & Locations:

  • Nashville, TN - 1/10
  • Birmingham, AL - 1/11
  • Greensboro - 1/12
  • Richmond, VA - 1/15
  • Baltimore, MD - 1/17
  • Philadelphia - 1/18

Sam Mitchell

Live session director, videographer, editor, and staff writer for Tapedrop since 2019

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