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Mr. Magine, AKA Kyle Esler, is different than other new artists in today’s indie rap scene. His lyrical content discusses topics and ideas professed by modern spiritual teachers, from Alan Watts to his Shr fu Dr. John Lee. He raps from the front lines of what he calls the “war on consciousness.”

By including the prefix “Mr.” in his stage name, Magine clearly declares his role as a teacher to the youth of today.

“Kids should be meditating in school and learning about the law of attraction, etc.” says Mr. Magine.

Taking inspiration from artists like Tupac, Kid Cudi, and even Bon Iver, Mr. Magine’s raw and unapologetic album “Journey I: Entering the Cosmos” is less of a wake up call and more of a cold bucket of water to the face during a societally constructed coma.

Magine’s singular goal and objective with his music is to accelerate the inevitable paradigm shift that this country, and the world, are bound for and deeply require. He raps about believing in the power of oneself, working on the tough philosophical questions that can only be confronted by turning awareness inward, and spreading love and compassion to all.

Given the fact that Mr. Magine’s first album is called Journey I, we can all look forward to the second musical installment of this young and hungry artist’s spiritually and culturally progressive perspective.

Be sure to listen to his latest album on major streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Roldy Clark

Roldy is the founder of Tapedrop. He also makes his own films and music.

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