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Long ago, all the way back in the simpler times of February, The Dead Flowers teamed up with Tapedrop for a live session at the Cropwell Friends Meeting House in Marlton, NJ. The audio was engineered by Connor Priest with microphones provided by Gradwell House Recording.

The Dead Flowers are a classic rock n’ roll band heavily inspired by The Rolling Stones. We talked to Zachary Tyler, the band’s lead guitarist, and he gave us the origin story.

“We all met at Rutgers and started the band in 2015. I met John at the liquor store we both worked at in the summer and we both wanted to be the next Rolling Stones. From there, the jams began. We recruited Stephen, our keyboard player in 2018 who helped us further develop our sound with his music theory background and innovative playing.”

The Flowers are known for their high energy shows. They consistently manage to pack the house thanks to their showmanship. A few years ago they won the battle of the bands at the famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Zach told us about that night.

“I’d say our craziest show was when we won the battle of the bands. From ripping solos with blood on my face and having the crowd hold me up while I shred, it was the perfect mix of energy and excitement that helped us not only put on a great show, but helped us win the whole competition.”

We asked Zach what the band’s biggest influences were, expecting the Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead - but his response was much more wholesome.

“Aside from the obvious influences, I think our biggest influences are each other. We learn and push each other to the best we can be, and I think that is equally important as all the greats who came before us.”

The Dead Flowers are a blast to see live and we’re saddened that it may be awhile before their next gig - but thankfully we have this taped session to hold us over.

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Harry Herskowitz

Harry is the founder of Tapedrop. He makes films and music under the alias Roldy Clark.

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