Nancy Whitaker Drops Debut Single


Kevin McDaniel, creator and front man of the music project, Nancy Whitaker, released Words on the Tip of My Tongue, the debut single from his upcoming album, Our Hallowed Pictures.

“These 10 songs are the most personal pieces of art I’ve made yet,” said McDaniel. “Our Hallowed Pictures is about the moments you realize you are an adult, retrospectively observing the timeline of your life, and using the pieces of your story to understand why you’re the way you are.”

Taking pride in his DIY process, McDaniel challenged himself to preserve complete tonal integrity when recording the album with real instruments and an emphatic aversion to presets, MIDI synths, and professional recording studios. “Everything on the album was intensely labored over,” said McDaniel. “Every tone is the product of hours of experimenting with my gear dialed in to sound exactly the way it does.” A shoestring budget is no limitation in McDaniel’s eyes, but rather an opportunity to create something completely unique. “If you do everything yourself, you’ll ultimately find out what works for your vision.”

McDaniel spoke on his growth since his previous solo project, saying that “making music never stops being embarrassing. That means you’re hitting a nerve and showing vulnerability, which is an intrinsic part of making art.”

A Dirty Clean was the first time I wrote, recorded, and arranged music myself.” Since then, McDaniel has spent years studying the art of songwriting and recording, while continuing to refine his creative voice. “My past projects feel like they were made by a completely different person. Our Hallowed Pictures is the truest album to myself I’ve made yet.”

From the opening beats of Words on the Tip of My Tongue, it’s apparent this is an elevated and polished version of McDaniel’s creative vision. As chatter, laughter, and party ambience punctuate the song, McDaniel gives the audience a moment of pause and introspection while we patiently wait for his new music.

Nancy Whitaker generally performs in the tri-state area with a live band consisting of Jordan Stackhouse (guitar), Drew Mullins (Synth Wizard), Ben Karolan (bass), and his brother, James Karolan (the best drummer in New Jersey), and Kevin McDaniel (vocals/guitar). They will be playing at The Saint in Asbury Park on June 18th.

Our Hallowed Pictures will be released on August 12th along with an album release show at Pianos NYC also on 8/12.

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Sam Mitchell

Live session director, videographer, editor, and staff writer for Tapedrop since 2019

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