Dustin Scully Debuts First Single Live with Vincent and the Noise



New York based artist Dustin Scully (piano, left) debuted his first single, TV Dad, alongside David Vincent (guitar, center) and brother, Dylan Scully (guitar, right) from Hawthorne based band, Vincent and the Noise.

“I got the idea when that video came out of Steve from Blues Clues telling everyone how proud of us he was. I thought it was funny how a whole generation of young adults were comforted by the approval of this guy we’d never met,” said Dustin. “Even though the song is a satire, I think whether or not your father was around, and no matter how good or bad the relationship may be, we’ve all watched TV, a movie, or read a book and thought “I want that! Why couldn’t it happen like that?” I think that’s something we can all relate to.”

Dustin is also a co-founder and writer/director of Four’s A Crowd Productions, a sketch comedy webshow. Follow @dustinscully for updates on new music and @foursacrowdproductions to see Dustin and his team’s web series.

Vincent and the Noise is the music project of David Vincent of Warwick, NJ. The band is currently comprised of David Vincent (guitar, vocals), Dylan Scully (bass, guitar) and Dan Rinaldi (drums). They describe their music as universal, able to be enjoyed by a wide audience. Check out their latest releases on Spotify and watch for upcoming shows on their Instagram.

Sam Mitchell

Live session director, videographer, editor, and staff writer for Tapedrop since 2019

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