All Hail Harry Zelnick, King of the Bums

Articles Jun 06, 2019

Philadelphia producer and songwriter Harry Zelnick quietly released his EP ‘Another Sad Film’ 5 years after his first album ‘Spooky from the Back.’ Local filmmaker Bob Sweeney shot the music video for the first track, ‘Eye of the Triangle’, on 8mm film. There’s also a making of documentary featuring Barney Cortez.

The music on this EP is skillfully layered. The instrumentation is a  blend of indie rock riffs, orchestral swells, and world percussion,  making for what would be a great soundtrack to a 60s french fugitive  film. Despite having every right to take himself too seriously over this  mature set of sounds, Harry keeps it cool. His lofi, understated vocals  deliver down and out poetics e.g. “Jed found Jesus in a trailer in the  South, there was stains on his pants but there was gold in his mouth”   (Pale Blue Moon). On the 4th song of the EP, Harry proclaims himself  “King of the Bums.” All hail!

We highly recommend a listen. Stream the EP on all major platforms and follow Harry on Instagram.

Harry Herskowitz

Harry is the founder of Tapedrop. He makes films and music under the alias Roldy Clark.

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