‘Drugstore Cowboy’ Sophomore Album by Your Pals, Dominy

Articles Jun 25, 2019

Last Friday Philly indie rockers Dominy dropped their Sophmore album Drugstore Cowboy. The rootin’ tootin’ four  piece preluded the release with two music videos directed by Bob Sweeney. Watch above for powerful kicks and Estonian subtitles.

The new record starts right off with their signature  let-it-all-hang-out rocking and rolling. Crunchy guitar, fun and loose  vocals, and bar crowd foley make for a chummy time with your good pals  Dominy. Those not won over by the group can skip ahead to the track Hey There Big Boy.

The second half of the record takes a more serious tone. Cleaning Up  Good looks forward to a new year with a mix of hope and weariness. The  grand piano comes out for the ruminative Nebraska, and then the group  goes full dreampop on the synth heavy Judas. The final track is a  traveling, ambient soundpiece with vocal harmonies and heavy effects,  ending the album on a feeling of distorted grandeur.

Drugstore Cowboy is now available on major streaming services. Give it a listen and come out for the Release Show at Philamoca on Saturday the 29th.

Harry Herskowitz

Harry is the founder of Tapedrop. He makes films and music under the alias Roldy Clark.

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