Jeef - Block Your Number

Music Video Mar 26, 2020

Jeff Dicken, also known as Jeef, is a singer, rapper and songwriter from Marlton, New Jersey. According to his Twitter bio, he is also 'your mom's favorite artist'. His debut album Songs Not About My X's features bedroom pop tracks heavy in vintage synths and lovesick lyrics that are definitely not about his ex girlfriends.

Tapedrop teamed up with Jeef to produce the music video for his song Block Your Number. Harry Herskowitz directed the video which was shot at Cropwell Friends Meeting House in Marlton. The duotone, pink and blue lighting and bright red rotary phone shape the 80s outrun aesthetic, matching the song's synthwave instrumentals. Jeef sings his woes to the unseen caller on the other end of the line, confessing his inner struggle to cut contact entirely - all while dancing and twirling around the old school phone cord.

The video is a big step forward for the young artist, who has already gained a loyal following through his relatable social media persona.

Follow Jeef on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with new releases and listen to Songs Not About My X's on SoundCloud and all major streaming platforms.


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